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Epilepsy Lessons: These four sets of lesson plans from The Epilepsy Classroom (one for each grade range, PreK-K, 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12) can help you share vital information with your students about this widespread condition.

From Our

Animals A to Z
Students learn about animals as they reinforce capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar skills. (Grades 2-4)

Calculator Lessons from Texas Instruments
Twenty lessons to engage students as they use their TI-73 Explorer calculators.

Highlights for Children®
Hidden Pictures&reg puzzles, rebus stories, crafts, and more from the folks at Highlights.

Phonics Word Search Puzzles
Thirty-six puzzles teach and reinforce phonics and spelling skills.


Every-Day Edits

It All Adds Up
Math Puzzles

Math Cross Puzzles


Letter-Writing Lessons Is letter writing a lost art? Education World provides five lessons to revive student interest in writing friendly letters. These letter-writing lessons are sure to get your stamp of approval! Included: Links to letter-writing resources, rubrics, and ten additional lesson plans we found on the Web.

Lit to Fit Great language lesson ideas for all grades.

Book Reports Twenty-five ideas for better book reports.

Critical Thinking This Rock or Feather activity can reveal a lot about students.

Biographies Bring biographies to life in your classroom with these ten activities.

Lesson Plan of the Day See lesson plans posted on recent days. Search for lessons by subject.

Friday Fun Unscramble the four anagrams. What do they have in common?

Learning Game of the Week Review many skills with the "Concentration" Review Game.

Vicki Cobbs Show-Biz Science Discover how "lite" diet drinks live up to their names.

From the Math Machine Time to Move is a fun Web site for teaching measurement and sorting. (Grades 1-2)

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks Math Games With Joanne and Jane This week: Baseball Three teaches multiplying 2-digit numbers.

Tech LP of the Week Students research the concept of indigenous people then write a diamante poem about what they've learned.

Writing Bug A person you admire is coming to speak at your school -- and you must introduce that person

Best Books for Teaching About
Each week, Education World presents our Editors Choices for the best books for teaching about popular classroom themes. Check out our choices and add your own recommendations to the Readers Voices section of this weeks themed booklists:
Best Books for Teaching About...
Math Concepts
Communities and Community Helpers

5-Minute Fillers Volume 6.


More Lesson Planning Features for All Year Long

Every-Day Edits
Students practice and build language arts skills as they correct errors of punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling in our Primary Edits: Animals A to Z and Ele-Middle Edits.


News for Kids
See our archive of news headlines and teacher guides from the past year. Watch for brand new weekly articles in August.

Fact Monster Hunts
Students learn Internet searching skills and cool facts as they search the Fact Monster. See our popular Primary Hunts and Ele-Middle Hunts.

Bulletin Boards That Teach
Check out our featured bulletin board ideas organized by month.

Build a fab vocab from A to Z. Weekly printable work sheets for students grades 5-up.

Early Childhood Teaching Themes
See our library of activity ideas for dozens of teaching themes. Plus sign up for our Early Childhood Newsletter.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans
See hundreds of teacher lessons organized by subject.

Work Sheet Library
Hundreds of free printables for teaching a wide variety of skills across the grades.

Holiday Archive
Browse our archive of holiday teaching ideas for new lessons and resources to use in the months ahead.

Just for This Month! See our June Month of Fun, June Word Search, and June Coloring Calendar. PLUS! Create your own special work sheets with our easy-to-use work sheet templates for each month of the school year.