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Looking for affordable fun and educational software for kids but dont know where to start? Try TuKids, the childrens subsite of the TuCows downloadable software search engine. Here, you can download freeware, shareware, and demo versions of childrens software, and its all screened and rated! (Grades: K-12, Parents, and Professionals)

European Distant Suns
European Distant Suns is the Web site for an excellent planetarium software program, available with a downloadable demo version. The program's tutorial is a great teaching tool. (Grades: 11-12+)

American Sign Language
Ever want to learn American Sign Language? Then check out this page. Here you'll find an ASL Fingerspelling Dictionary with cool animated hands! Not only that, there's also an ASL Fingerspelling Converter where you can type a word that is then converted into sign language. You can also quiz yourself! (Grades: K-12)

Here is a wacky way to learn about the world of finance. In this free shareware game, Gazillionaire, you become "an intergalactic wheeler-dealer rocketing among the 7 planets of Kukubia as the head of your own trading company." (Grades: 5-12)

Intelligent Child (TM)
The Intelligent Child (TM) Web site was created by the Intelligent Child (TM) educational software company to promote science education. Users can play games, pose questions, or try experiments. (Grades: 1-6)

Peregrine Publishers, Inc.
The main find at this site is reviews of educational software. (Grades: 9-12+)

Super Kids
SuperKids is an online magazine which provides reviews and ratings of educational software, articles about educational issues, and interviews with "visionaries and policy makers." (Grades: K-12)

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Danger Online! Educating Kids and Parents About Internet Safety
According to a report from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in five Internet users younger than 17 received an online sexual solicitation or approach during the past year. One in 33 received an aggressive sexual solicitation involving offline contact *or a request for* offline contact. What can you do to help keep kids safe online? Included: Printable Internet safety tips for parents and Internet safety rules for kids.

COPPA Plea: Keep Kids Safe Online
The Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires Web site operators to obtain *verifiable* parental permission to collect personal information from children younger than 13. How will that affect the online activities students participate in at school? Education World has the answers! Included: Online resources to help you and your students understand the issues --- and the law!

Revisiting the AUP: A Digital Double Take
In the beginning, when the Internet was new, many schools attempted to keep online students safe by establishing strict standards and rules known as acceptable use policies (AUPs). Now, according to instructional technology consultant David Warlick, schools can protect students without restricting their ability to participate in valuable collaborative learning experiences.

Getting Started on the Internet: Safe Surfing
How can teachers and computer specialists help teach students the skills they need to be efficient and safe Internet surfers? Education World offers ideas and Internet resources for tackling the task in this article, the sixth article in our "Getting Started on the Internet" series.

The Internet Safety Debate
Yes, it's OK to filter Internet content in schools. No, students should learn how to handle the Internet as it is. The debate continues... no solution in sight.

Paving the Way to Internet Safety!
President Clinton recently announced his strategy for making the Internet child-safe and family-friendly. Read the details of his plan-and check out a handful of Web sites that'll help you provide a safe Internet experience for your students.


Web Awareness: Knowing the Issues
This site offers resources to help teachers, parents, and librarians educate students on safe Web usage.

This site explains the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which took effect on April 21, 2000. Sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission, KidzPrivacy is part of a national kid's privacy educational campaign. (Grades: 9-12)

Lycos Zone is a safe and engaging Web site for children ages three to 12, parents, and teachers. (Grades: K-8)

Safe Kids.com
Larry Magid's Online Safety Project (OSP) operates SafeKids.Com. Magid is a syndicated columnist and author of online safety articles.

Here is one way cool site that kids will love. Their parents and teachers will love it too! The site's fun interactive games, chat rooms, free e-mail, search engines, and other great kids' stuff will keep children engaged for hours. Parents and teachers will love the free Web filtering software. (Grades: 1-7)

Parents and Children Together Online
This online Ezine offers many hours of interactive learning adventures for parents and children to share together. (Grades: K-6 & Parents)

Internet Resources:



Internet educator Walter McKenzie highlights the best Internet resources for teaching your kids about the Olympic Games.

Crisscrossing the U.S.A.: Scavenger Hunts for Kids of All Ages
This week, Education World challenges students to sharpen their Internet searching skills as they learn about the history and landscape of the United States. These activities are suitable for classroom or computer lab use --- or for rainy day fun at home! Included: Scavenger hunts and a plan-a-trip activity!

Its a Zoo Out There! -- The Best Zoo Sites on the Web!
June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month, so why not visit some of the best zoo and aquarium sites on the Web? Then vote for your favorite online zoo. Well announce our readers favorite zoo site at the end of the month!

Just for Fun: On-Line Games Students Will Love!
For those times when another indoor recess threatens to fray your nerves and test your students' good intentions! This week, take your minds off all your troubles. Join Education World --- just for fun! Included: On-line fun for students of all ages!

A Companion for Kids Surfing the Net
Kids.exploring.on.the.net offers fun activities and reviews of educational Web sites on topics of wide interest to teachers and students. Pick a topic and you'll find Internet resources here!

My First Book About the Internet
Author Sharon Cromwell offers kids a glimpse of what's in store for them on the Internet in this new book from Troll.


Education World Site Reviews
Click on one of the jump links below to find EW reviews to cool sites for your kids to explore, and learn too!

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Early Childhood
Foreign Languages
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Internet Design
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Find Tutorials
This site is an index of free, Web-based tutorials and courses on almost any subject you may want to explore. (Grades: 6-12+)

A group of librarians created this search engine/Web directory to guide young users to useful, age-appropriate Web sites. (Grades: K-8)

Surfing the Net With Kids
Surfing the Net with Kids is the Internet version of Barbara J. Feldman's syndicated newspaper articles about safe sites on the Internet for kids. The site offers the complete archive of Feldman's articles, is searchable, and has advice to parents about Internet safety for children. (Grades: K-12)

This Web site has a large number of Internet resources for children. (Grades: 3-12, Parents & Professionals)

Route 6-16
This is a guide to the world wide web divided into resources for kids, parents and teachers. (Grades: K-10)


The Cave of Lascaux
The Cave of Lascaux was closed to the public in 1963, but the Ministry of Culture in France has created this Web site for virtual touring. (Grades: 6-12)

Artcyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine
This site is a comprehensive database of museum-quality fine art that can be viewed on the Internet. (Grades: K-12)

Kodak Picture Playground
The Kodak Picture Playground is a great place to let kids manipulate digital images. They can turn pictures into cartoons; add faces to flowers and animals; and change the saturation, hue, and other qualities of the image. Tips for using digital cameras and creating digital images are also included. (Grades: K-12+, Parents)

Totally Tessellated: An Introduction to Tessellations
A tessellation is a repeating geometric pattern. Examples of these beautiful designs can be seen in the mosaics of Mediterranean culture and the surrealist art of M. C. Escher. Totally Tessellated takes you on an exploration into the history and construction of a variety of different types of tessellations. (Grades: 6-12+)

Art Safari
Want to go on an Art Safari? Here's the place to do it! The Museum of Modern Art invites kids to explore and create paintings and sculptures based on an animal theme. (Grades: K-5)

Computer Programming

Learn Programming with Logo
So you want to learn programming, do you? Well then let Logo, the cyber-turtle, teach you the basics of Logo programming in 10 easy lessons. (Grades: 7-12)


Journey With CARE to Peru
This site allows users to experience Peru through the eyes of ten high school students on their journey to explore the country and its culture. CARE, Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, sponsored the trip as part of the CARE Youth Corp Program. (Grades: 9-12)

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt, presented by the British Museum, uses objects from the museum's collection to give users an interactive overview of Egyptian life. (Grades: 3-8)

Humanities Interactive
The Humanities-Interactive project is an outstanding set of on-line interactive historical and cultural exhibits that include annotated images, learning resources, essays, educational worksheets, games, and multimedia presentations. (Grades: 4-12)

Oriental Institute Museum
The site contains a virtual museum of artifacts and treasures from the ancient Near East, photograph collections, Internet resources, and descriptions of the projects and expeditions sponsored by the Oriental Institute. (Grades: K-12)

A great site to point kids to, in order to explore and virtually interact with other children around the globe. (Grades: 3-10)

Early Childhood Sites

Lil' Fingers Storybooks
Created by David Lumerman, the dad of a two-year-old, this site offers interactive storybooks for preschool children and their parents.

Game Goo
This new Web-based educational game site, by Cognitive Concepts, offers interactive games for practicing early language and literacy skills. (Grades: K-2)

Now parents and kids can share not only Dr. Seuss's beloved books but also this fun, creative, and highly interactive Web site! (Grades: Pre-K-5)

Boowa & Kwala
Come join Boowa and Kwala as they explore the world, looking for where Kwala came from. Along the way, children can play fun interactive games and activities, read an illustrated story, and sing along with Boowa and Kwala. (Grades: PreK-3)

PBS Kids
The PBS Kids! Site, chock-full of fun stuff to do and find out about, could take days or even weeks to explore. PBS has linked more than 15 individual educational sites to the PBS Kids! home page! The combination of all the different sites makes for a barrel of fun for kids! (Grades: Pre-K-6)

KidsPsych features interactive games and activities that are designed to help young children master specific developmental skills. (Grades: Pre-K-3)

Foreign Languages

Mexico for Kids
This site is a complete guide to Mexico from the office of the president. It is written in French and Spanish as well as English. But more importantly, it is written in the universal language that kids can understand. GRADE LEVEL: K-5

Foreign Languages for Travelers
The Foreign Languages for Travelers Web site has tools for travelers and others interested in learning a foreign language. (Grades: 9-12)

Free Online Language
This site has links for online language courses, online chat forums available in multiple languages and links to information sources on countries around the world. (Grades: 9-12)

Games & Activities Online

Game Goo
This new Web-based educational game site, by Cognitive Concepts, offers interactive games for practicing early language and literacy skills. (Grades: K-2)

Online Educational Activities at Syvum
This is an interactive, entertaining, and educational destination from Syvum Technologies that contains material to practice and build basic skills in English and math. (Grades: K-12)

Study Island
Study Island, produced by Direct Media Network, offers students interactive, Web-based learning games and activities. (Grades: K-12+)

Kids Ark
The Kids Ark is a fun, interactive, and educational site created to inspire youngsters to share their experiences with others. (Grades: 3-8)

Funology.com -- The Science of Having Fun
Funology.com delivers just what the name implies -- FUN! The site offers a large selection of activities for kids and promises to be the "one place where you'll never be bored!" (Grades: K-5)

NetWorld Game
The NetWorld Game is an internet global simulation game where players take charge of major geographic regions, learn how to protect it's interests while working together with other leaders to help move the world into the twenty-first century! (Grades: 9-12)

Now parents and kids can share not only Dr. Seuss's beloved books but also this fun, creative, and highly interactive Web site! (Grades: Pre-K-5)

Boowa & Kwala
Come join Boowa and Kwala as they explore the world, looking for where Kwala came from. Along the way, children can play fun interactive games and activities, read an illustrated story, and sing along with Boowa and Kwala. (Grades: PreK-3)

The site's fun interactive games, chat rooms, free e-mail, search engines, and other great kids' stuff will keep children engaged for hours. Parents and teachers will love the free Web filtering software. (Grades: 1-7)

PBS Kids
The PBS Kids! Site, chock-full of fun stuff to do and find out about, could take days or even weeks to explore. PBS has linked more than 15 individual educational sites to the PBS Kids! home page! The combination of all the different sites makes for a barrel of fun for kids! (Grades: Pre-K-6)

BBC Schools Online
A treasure trove of Web sites for Pre-K-12 students, teachers, and parents that will keep you busy for weeks. (Grades: Pre-K-12)

Educational Web Adventures
Beautifully illustrated and highly interactive Educational Web Adventures take you all over the curriculum world of this innovative company. (Grades: 2-12+)

ePlay is a fun activity site for children ages 8-12. The content changes daily and is tailored to appeal to multiple learning styles. (Grades: 3-8)

Totally Wic-kid
Totally Wic-kid is a travel mystery site for kids, and includes games and activities. (Grades: 3-12+)

World Kids Network
World Kids Network is an awesome site run mostly by kids for kids. It includes chat rooms, clubs, mailing lists, news, an art gallery, an area for girls, a chat forum, games, puzzles, and a school service. The site also teaches kids about Internet etiquette and safety. (Grades: K-12)

@rt room
The "@art" room is set up like a school's art room with activity centers, exhibitions, and projects for kids. (Grades: 3-12)

Nikolai's Web Site
This is a site similar to a clubhouse for children. Users will find games, activities, newsletters, and recipes for students. (Grades: 3-8+)

This site has math, spelling, and creative writing games that double as interactive lessons. (Grades: 3-8)

The Web site is home to an interactive version of an ancient African game that can be used to help students develop logical thinking skills. (Grades: K-12)

The site has activities, information and tutorials for students, teachers and parents. (Grades: 3-8)

Internet For Kids
Here's a site-full of internet ideas and projects for kids. (Grades: 3-8 & Parents)


CountryWatch.com provides cultural, economic, political, and environmental information and current news articles on the 191 countries around the world. (Grades: 9-12)

United Nations Cyber Schoolbus
Information, resources and events centered around the activities of the United Nations. This site is designed for use in education. (Grades: K-8)

Health & PE

Adventures of Mr. Reach
This Johnson & Johnson site has information for parents and their children on developing good dental hygiene. (Grades: K-3)

Internet Web Site Development

Web Monkey
Web Monkey is a website design tutorial for kids that will help them lean how to create a WebPage on the Internet! Also included are tips for teacher and parents, and a Playground section. (Grades: 4-8)

Lissa's HTML Help and Web Page Resources for Kids
This great primer about Web page construction was put together by a very talented 12-year-old girl who loves to dance. (Grades: 3-8)

Language Arts

Children's Storybooks Online
This site is a collection of online storybooks for children of all ages. (Grades: K-8)

Book Adventure
Book Adventure, sponsored by Sylvan Learning Centers, is a free, Web-based program that encourages children to read books by awarding prizes for reading.

Stories of the Dreaming
Stories of the Dreaming "come from the cultures of indigenous Australians and have been collected from all over Australia." These remarkable stories are available in text, audio, and video formats (Grades: K-12)

Sound Puzzle
Sound Puzzle features daily word puzzles based on phonetics. (Grades: 9-12+)

Little Planet Times
The Little Planet Times is a newspaper written by and for kids. (Grades: 3-12)

Fairy Godmother
This site has stories, artwork and games for children. (Grades: K-5)

Story Creations
Online stories, which can be personalized to include a child's name and other personal information. (Grades: 3-6)

Math & Finance

Cool Math
Cool Math is "designed for the pure enjoyment of mathematics." This interactive site features games, puzzles, calculators, and lesson plans.

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
This site, sponsored in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, presents intriguing and challenging math activities that families can do together. (Grades: 6-8+)

Useful and Curious Math
The Carpenter's and Joiner's Pocket Companion, published in 1888, is the basis for the math facts and tricks published here. (Grades: 9-12+)

Lemonade Stand
This site has an interactive online version of the "Lemonade Stand" computer game. Users operate a lemonade stand in order to make a profit and win the game. (Grades: 3-12)


Music Education at DataDragon
This site offers a collection of tutorials and guides to music topics ranging from learning the names of instruments to reading music. (Grades: 3-12)

Piano on the Net
The Art Department, composer and musician Clinton Clark, and JTM Multimedia, Inc. offer free Internet piano lessons. (Grades: All)

Political Science

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

This site is a service of the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office. It includes resources for teachers, students, and parents to learn how the U.S. government works. (Grades: K-12)

Kids International Peace Museum
The Kids' International Peace Museum displays "world peace" themed artwork and poetry created by children from around the world. (Grades: K-12)


SpaceKids is a comprehensive space site that includes movies, photos, interactive games, space facts, and space mission news. (Grades: 5-8)

This site is the ULTIMATE information source about volcanoes. (Grades: K-12)

This Web site, maintained by the Molecular Arts Corporation, is an excellent research tool for chemistry students. It contains a searchable database of more than 210,000 three-dimensional molecular models. (Grades: 9-12+)

A Guided Tour of the Visible Human
This site, based on the digitized images of the Visible Human Project, tours the human body using animation and images "to demonstrate planes of section and other introductory concepts in anatomy." (Grades: 9-12+)

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
The Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century chronicles the technological accomplishments of the century that helped shape our world today. (Grades: 3-12)

Turtle Trax
This site is devoted to the promotion and preservation of the marine turtle. It includes videos, essays, general information, and photographs. (Grades: K-12)

Explore Zone
The site features daily updates on the latest innovations, the coolest discoveries, and hottest events in the world of Earth, space, and weather science. (Grades: 3-12)

How Stuff Works
Have you ever wondered how a car engine works, what gears do, or what makes the inside of a refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you! (Grades: 7-12)

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Check out this fun and interactive site that was created to help kids appreciate science. (Grades: K-3)

The Nova Web site comes from the Australian Academy of Science and provides units of information to help explain science issues in the news. (Grades: 9-12)

How Things Work
This Web site explains physics concepts and laws using everyday life examples. Users can submit questions to be answered or read those already asked. (Grades: 3-12)

Chem 4 Kids!
This Web site simplifies chemistry for younger students and others wishing to learn more about the subject matter. (Grades: 3-8)

Nye Labs Online
This is Bill Nye, The Science Guy's website. The site basically follows the concept of the television show, that "science is cool", and uses the latest technology on the internet. (Grades: K-4)

This site will give teachers and students alike ideas, lessons, and information galore. (Grades: K-12)

Discovery Channel School
A great resource for teachers and students to integrate Discovery Channel programming into their curriculum. (Grades: K-12)

The Nine Planets
Herein lies a mini-encyclopedia our Solar System, as well as information about other solar systems too. (Grades: 3-12)

NASA Home Page
There is an amazing amount of information on these pages, you will find answers to all your questions relating from earth science to space science to space technology. (Grades: 3-12)

Social Studies

This site provides resources for British as well as world history and includes downloadable worksheets, online quizzes, and games. (Grades: 6-12)

WWW4 Kids.org is the companion site to the newspaper article of the same name that is published weekly in 130 newspapers in the U.S. Canada and Japan. (Grades: K-5)

Great Kids
A Web site for kids that highlights other kids doing great things. (Grades: 3-8)

Children's Express
Children's Express is a place for children to speak out on issues and topics that affect their lives and future. (Grades: 4-12)