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Steps to Literacy

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    A Custom Library Collection for Your Classroom


steps to literacy custom library


      • Our certified reading experts work with you to build a custom
        classroom library that meets your unique needs and curriculum topics

      • With access to over 20,000 books from 150 publishers, we
        identify the best guided and leveled reading options for your  

      • 25% off all titles and free shipping! Plus, collections are delivered pre-
        sorted in bins with customized labeling

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The Steps to Literacy Customized Classroom Library Program   

No two classrooms are alike. This is due to the needs and background of each individual student and the varied strategies teachers use to support these different learning demands. Our partners at Steps to Literacy believe that the classroom library is the keystone for creating unique and meaningful learning experiences for all students. Steps to Literacy offers inclusive and differentiated collections of age and developmentally appropriate books and resources that engage students and foster a love for reading within each of them. These curated collections reflect the importance of literacy in every lesson being taught, regardless of which subject. 

Building a custom library is no longer overwhelming. Steps to Literacy has a team of knowledgeable and scholarly experts that help match the diverse needs of your students to the best books available, building you a one-of-a-kind classroom library. You'll work with these educational experts on questions about curriculum and state standards, independent versus guided reading levels, read-alouds, appropriate content based on demographics and geography, classroom library organization, book checkout systems as well as second-language acquisition, special needs and more. The result is a vibrant book collection from a wide variety of publishers that will not only meet your curricular goals, but also contain content that students will find interesting and relevant to their lives.  


custom library classrooms reading
"Steps to Literacy is a must need resource for a classroom library! This custom collection of high interest books came leveled, labeled and organized in beautiful bins- a huge time saver. It was easy to order, easy to unpack right to my bookshelf. We can't wait to fill more classroom libraries with Steps To Literacy!"          

- Dawn S. - Cleveland School, Illinois







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