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May 2001

Musically Inclined

Musically Inclined claims to be the "ultimate music resource." This ThinkQuest entry is a collection of articles covering different aspects of the music world.
The mostly text site uses a few well-placed graphics for interest. Flash player is required for parts of the site.
Index bars at the top and bottom of each page for the whole site and individual sections make navigating easy.
This site will be of interest to anyone who is "musically inclined." The virtual library has articles dealing with music history, people who have influenced music, orchestral instruments, music theory, and interviews with a few members of the music profession. The Concert Hall has a host of MIDI files for your listening enjoyment. Users can even submit their own recordings for inclusion. An interactive section includes games and quizzes as well as a forum. This would be a good site for students who are writing reports on the different aspects of music.