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S I T E     R E V I E W

GRADE LEVEL: Parents & Professionals

ParentSmart is a guide for helping parents help their children in school. Reliable information is provided in searchable articles as well as through links to other safe and educational sites.

There is nothing fancy here; simple apple graphics add life to the front page.

This site is easy to navigate. A main page allows you to search by keyword, article title, or topic.

ParentSmart is a parents' guide to helpful information about helping children succeed in school. The site has tons of articles on everything from ADHD, bilingual education, charter schools, and drug abuse to head lice, inclusion, playgrounds, and school phobia. The site is primarily for parents, but teachers and administrators can get a lot out of this site too. It is chock full of interesting articles and good ideas about parenting and issues concerning children. The articles are reviewed and rated according to the quality of information, objectivity, and usefulness of suggested actions for parents to take.