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Site Review: Healthy Competition

Site URL:  http://www.timetotalk.org/HealthyCompetition/      

Content:  Part of the larger “Time to Talk” family of Web sites from The Partnership at DrugFree.org  (the former Partnership for a Drug Free America), The Healthy Competition Web site offers Major League Baseball players sharing advice on healthy eating and fitness. The videos star big baseball stars including Torii Hunter, Jamie Moyer, Mike Sweeney and Mark Teixeira. The videos are simple, short, informative and entertaining. The biggest drawback is that there aren't very many of them.

Design:  The site has a very simple design that works well. It's basically just a video player and a simple scroller that allows visitors to pick videos.

Review:  An excellent idea, the Healthy Competition site suffers from its relatively small video count (less than 10). All the pieces are well-done and offer realistic approaches to fitness, eating and explanations of why kids should avoid performance-enhancing drugs. Unfortunately, with only half a dozen videos, the site feels like it hasn't been finished yet.

Bottom Line:  Healthy Competition works well as part of the overall “Time to Talk” family of sites, and the idea of having star athletes deliver important messages is a good one. Considering it as a stand-alone site, teachers can use the videos to introduce larger lessons.


Article by Daniel Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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