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April 2002

Casa de Joanna
Language-learning resources.

This teacher-created site provides a rich collection of links to language Web sites for teachers of Spanish and French.
The layout of this site is direct and easy to follow. Resources are thematically grouped under five categories.
A top navigation menu is available for moving between the major areas of the site. Each area has an index of resources arranged by theme.
Casa de Joanna is an excellent starting point for French and Spanish teachers and students, "who are exploring the Web as part of their language-learning." Each of the five areas of the site -- Art Resources, French Resources, General Language Resources, Spanish Resources, and Teacher's Lounge -- contains a collection of Web links that are arranged by theme. Included are authentic Web sites, Internet-based activities, art links, access to professional journals and guidance for technology implementation. The links are annotated and marked with icons that distinguish between resources, student activities, tools, and teacher resources.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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