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District Launches Project to Give Students Home Internet Access

After a survey conducted by a district in South Carolina revealed less than half of its students have internet access at home, it launched a pilot project to give students living in public housing internet connectivity and give all students an equal opportunity to excel.

Educator, Parent Seek Funding for Web Series for Children on Autism Spectrum

An online animated web series about a child on the autism spectrum is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.

TechCHAT: Using Knovation Tools With Math Teacher Susan Menkel

5th-grade math teacher Susan Menkel offers up her experiences using Knovation solutions.

Students Must Master Tech to Succeed at Common Core Field Tests

The new standardized tests aligned with the Common Core State Standards standards have made some teachers wary--especially those who are concerned that their students need the expertise and access to the necessary online tools to complete the assessments. Since practice often makes perfect, educators are working to make sure their students are well versed in the tools and shortcuts their students need to succeed.

Boston Marathon Dad's Response to Unexcused Absence Goes Viral

If you haven't seen it yet, one Pennsylvania father's response to a letter from his children's principal went viral after he was told days his children missed to watch him run the Boston Marathon would be unexcused absences

Leaders Gather to Discuss Future of Games in Education

Plenty of parents have shielded or limited their children’s involvement with games so they could focus on their education. Nowadays, it seems that there's a bright future for the budding relationship between education and gaming as officials gathered for the Games for Learning Summit.

Districts Turn School Buses into WiFi Zones

Some school districts are taking advantage of vehicles used to transport students to and from school by using school busses as "moving WiFi zones, stationary hotspots or both," according to