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App Review: Gadgetarium

This new app provides a window into gadgets gone by and is a great complement to history lessons on inventors or particular time periods.

Study Shows Kids' Screen Time Limitations Need to Be Adjusted

A recent study suggests that screen time restrictions may be too strict, because electronic devices take up a large role in children's daily lives. As reported by dailyRx, various experts chime in on the topic, and suggest alternatives for new guidelines.

Acer's Durable Chromebooks Aim to Help Students' Hectic Lifestyles

Acer has created two Chromebooks to compete with the everday wear and tear that may come from a students hectic lifestyle. The C740 and the C910 will be durable against falls and the pressure that can be caused by super packed bookbags.

New Quick Key Mobile 'Pro' App Extends Digital Grading Opportunities

Quick Key Mobile has released a Pro version of its mobile app and Web dashboard in order to help teachers improve student performance.

Popular YouTube Series Helps Students Gain Interest in Classic Literature

Literary YouTube, an online storytelling series, can help teachers connect their students with classic literature including Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' and Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein.'

Education World STEM News Round Up

This week, news in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education is focused on innovative student-engaging projects, modernized teaching methods, and K-12 STEM reform.

Survey Examines Students' Web Research Skills

A new study shows that librarians have little confidence in student skill level when it comes to both properly paraphrasing and identifying credible Web sources in research when compared to students’ evaluations of themselves.