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App Review: Embryo (iPad/iPhone)

The Embryo app is a Science app recommended by STEM Mobile Labs that promises to take students through the development stage of a real live human embryo.

The Learning Counsel is Looking for Feedback

The well-know research institute The Learning Counsel is seeking responses to its 2015 Digital Curriculum Strategy Assessment Tool & Survey from educators everywhere to help it best design support for schools and districts looking to build a better digital curriculum, according to

Popular 'Clash of Clans' Game Raises Concerns of Bullying

Clash of Clans is a new game that allows players to build their own “clans” and battle it out with other’s online, however, new worry has been raised among young players with a recent example of bullying and exclusion.

New Google Kit Set to Provide Classrooms with Virtual Field Trips

Google's new 'Expeditions' kit allows for teachers to take their kids on trips all over the world while not stretching the already tight budget. The focal point of the kit is cardboard--specifically Google Cardboard viewers.

App Review: NASA Visualization Explorer

NASA Visualization Explorer promises to provide advanced space-based research as a window into the inner workings of NASA’s fleet of research spacecraft.

District Behind Successful One-to-One Laptop Initiative Reveals Tips

Administrators from the Savannah-Chatham County Schools in Georgia are sharing lessons they learned from from the positive outcomes of making a successful one-to-one laptop initiative in their schools via

Librarians Seek More Makerspaces to Address Student Needs

Makerspaces, one of the biggest growing trends in education technology use, are community areas where resources and technology are provided for students to collaborate and work on projects, typically related to the sciences. Many schools and communities have found that maker spaces work best when put in the school library, and many school librarians are pushing to get makerspaces in theirs.