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Why Google Chromebooks May Surpass iPads in the Classroom

Since its introduction, Google Chromebooks have found a place in the classroom thanks to the device's affordable price, practical design, and easy straight-forward device management, according to an article on

New Book Pins Smart Video Games Against Standardized Tests

One way children can learn is through educational games that are also designed to keep them engaged. A new book by Greg Toppo says these games assess children better than standardized tests.

NASA's GLOBE Celebrates Twenty Years

This Earth Day represents the 20-year anniversary of The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment, or GLOBE, a science and education program created by NASA in partnership with the National Science Foundation.

State Offers Virtual Academy to K-12 Students

Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) is a fully accredited public school in Washington that serves K-12 students. In its ninth year, the school operates totally online for free tuition.

State Arts Council Wants 'STEAM' Instead of 'STEM'

Arts educators want the arts to be added to the science, technology, engineering and math curriculum and have pushed for legislation in this area.

STEM News Roundup: 1960s Graduates Discuss Challenges for Women

This week in STEM, women and budding children are again the focus. From a new series that compares the experiences women had studying STEM in the 1960s to now to a "STEM Career Day" for high school students, getting more women and early learners into STEM fields is again the hot topic of the week.

How Educators Can Benefit From Google Classroom Updates

Google’s cloud-based classroom organizer is getting ready to see some serious updates from developers and with it comes more usability, control and management settings for educators.