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Tech in the Classroom: KUNO Mobile Tablet

What is it?  KUNO is marketed by CurriculumLoft as a lightweight, durable tablet designed specifically for classroom use. The devices, which are geared toward school districts purchasing for their students, sell for about $375 apiece, with add-ons (such as a keyboard) costing more.

How does it work?  The KUNO tablet uses the Android operating system and relies on CurriculumLoft’s cloud repository and CurriculumLoft Explore 1:1 (the one-to-one meaning one device per student). Teachers and IT administrators have the ability to, among other things, limit the applications that can be added or deleted, log and track the devices, and wipe a device if lost or stolen.

kuno tablet classroom

How hard is it to use?  The KUNO is a basic tablet that provides students with a managed Internet and network-capable device that is lightweight and relatively durable. Students today are familiar with the device’s touch-screen technology.

How well does it work?  So well that the tablet has surprisingly become one of the iPad’s chief competitors in K-12 schools. The only issue is the cost; school districts pay a premium for the additional support they receive from CurriculumLoft to manage the devices, apps and curriculum delivery.

How do I use it in the classroom?  School districts moving away from the paper textbook model will appreciate the KUNO and CurriculumLoft’s ability to deliver content to the devices. Teachers can essentially create their own textbooks on the cloud and deliver them to the tablets.

Article by Ted Glanzer, EducationWorld Contributor
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