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Site Review: Vialogues

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Content:  Vialogues is an award-winning discussion platform that uses videos to spark instruction and debate.

Design:  The site looks and runs smoothly. A minimalist design prevents distraction, and the videos all play well, with little to no buffering when connected to a decent WiFi signal. Users experience no lag when posting to the discussion thread, as new posts appear almost instantly. 

Review:  The advantage of Vialogues (which derives from the words “video” and “dialogues”) over other video hosting sites is the discussion feature that accompanies every video.

Users can create an original instructional video, or post one from a variety of sources. Once live, each video has an attached discussion thread.

There, others can pose questions, receive answers and engage in debate. Educators concerned about Web safety can make discussions private, so that only invited students may participate.

Each post to a video’s page is time-stamped, and the discussion flow is chronological, which makes following the ideas easier. Teachers will find it particularly handy to be able to post poll questions. In addition, Vialogues is a helpful tool for bringing absent students up to speed. Teachers can upload a recorded lesson and engage in a back-and-forth discussion with the student. Users also will enjoy connecting to various classrooms—either throughout a school or around the world.

Bottom Line:  While other sites offer similar functionality, Vialogues is unique enough to warrant a look from educators.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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