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Make Something! 5 Free “Creation” Apps for iPad

When it comes to enabling creative projects, iPads have ruled the tablet market thus far. Over 150 million are using them to view media, gain inspiration and churn out music, visual art and other original works.

The device also has made its mark in terms of EdTech. With trends such as the Genius Hour and the Maker Movement finding their way into the classroom, now is the perfect time for educators to explore iPad tools for enhancing student creativity.

Here are five phenomenal apps that will take student “geniuses” and “makers” to the next level:

Novation Launchkey (music)

Music teachers can use this app to guide students through producing their own arrangements. Launchkey uses Novation’s synthesizer technology to generate 80 sounds that can be manipulated in a variety of ways. Users can loop notes, interacting with floating graphic circles that float above the app’s keyboard. Adjusting a note’s relation to these circles lets kids add various layers to their sounds. This app features eight control knobs, master levels, faders and compatibility with Launchpad, another Novation music app.

Launchpad (music)

Do your students like making beats? Want them to lay down raps on a historical figure or in a foreign language? This app has you covered with categories that include several musical genres. Kids select a tempo of their choosing, which is also featured on Novation’s other music app, Launchkey. Using volume and filter sliders, users control eight sounds from eight separate loops, along with special effects that add depth. Students can even record their songs.

Tayasui Sketches (illustration)

Transform the iPad into a digital canvas with Tayasui Sketches, an app whose free version simulates pen-and-pencil illustration, watercolor paints and oil pastels. The responsive app replicates the feel of a brushstroke on paper, including the angle and pressure applied to each line as it’s created. Sketches turns students’ fingers into artistic tools, and zoom and pan features allow users to focus on fine details and the bigger picture, all at a touch. All projects can be saved and accessed through iTunes. This app is a must for art teachers looking to step into the digital realm.

BeFunky Photo Editor (photography editing/design)

If you’re planning a photography project for the classroom, BeFunky is just what you’ll want students to use for the editing process. With loads of original effects and editing options, this app allows users to transform various design aspects of their photos, including color, exposure, cropping and saturation. Users also can add text and frames to their work, and share it instantly online across a variety of platforms. Via the app’s social element, students can even add their creations to one of the Gallery categories. Subscribing to categories lets users view customized photo streams from which they can draw inspiration.

Magisto - Magical Video Editor (movies)

Bring the movie-making process into the classroom with Magisto. This app is great for projects such as recording scenes from a play being covered in English class, or making a documentary in a journalism class. Kids can create movies using a minimum of five photos, to which they can add effects and additional audio. Both the video and its visual quality can be edited, including a photo editor that allows image-by-image modifications. This app has all kinds of cool features, especially if students are interested in social sharing. They can send movies via email, and to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They can even tag family members and friends with Magisto’s facial recognition technology.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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