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Research Shows Texting Enchances Learning Experience

Recent research into texting between teachers and students shows that it can drive classroom engagement and deliver productive results.

Survey Ranks Top-Performing Digital School Districts in U.S.

A survey recently ranked the top digital school districts in the country, and found that Virginia, Alabama and Maine made the top of the list.

Detroit Middle Schools Win Hackathon With Mobile App

A group of middle school students from Woodhaven, Michigan, who invented a mobile app that keeps parents up-to-date with what their children are doing in school ended up winning $15,000 for the school they attend.

Teacher: How to Energize a Weak STEM Lesson

Anne Jolly, former teacher and education reformer offers tips for teachers to make their weaker STEM lessons soar.

Tech Expert: Which Comes First, Training or Professional Development?

"Teachers want training because it makes them feel more comfortable with how to use the technology. But they desperately need professional development in order to understand why to use it."

STEM Teachers: Build Working Electric Vehicles With Your Class

From Switch Vehicles, Inc. in Sebastopol, CA, comes a project-based learning and STEM curriculum that has classes build, and even operate, an electric car.

TechCHAT: Building EV Vehicles With John Palmerlee of Switch Vehicles

Education World recently spoke with Switch Vehicles’ production engineer John Palmerlee to learn more about their unique STEM curriculum.