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Lesson on Vampires (Fact or Fiction?)

This creative lesson incorporates a fun Halloween theme while improving math, problem solving and group skills.

Creepy Creatures: Parasites and Adaptation

These horrifying--yet fascinating--creatures help grade 8-12 students understand adaptive behaviors and key concepts of evolution.

Video Roundup: Halloween Movies For Students

October is the perfect time to show videos that are a little spooky. EducationWorld has curated a list of videos and saved you time by recommended grade levels and providing descriptions of each selection.

Scavenger Hunt: Halloween Worksheet

An Education World scavenger hunt for Halloween!

TechCHAT: Arturo Avina

We kick off this new EducationWorld series with a kindergarten teacher whose video project helped ELL students shine.

Lesson Plan Booster: Building the Starship Enterprise

Students learn about the history of space flight and speculate as to whether "Star Trek's" Starship Enterprise could become a reality.

Five Tech Tools for the Flipped Classroom

Getting ready for "flipping"? Check out these helpful tools available on the Web.