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iPad App Review: Room Break

App Name:  Room Break

Cost:  Free

What does it promise?  A critical thinking game disguised as a thriller, Room Break places users in a series of rooms from which they must escape. The premise is simple, but discovering and deciphering the clues that lead to freedom takes a sharp eye and keen wit.

Does it deliver?  Yes, if we’re talking about older students. Room Break can be a bit intense for younger elementary students, but it is perfectly suitable for middroom breakle-schoolers. The game forces players to use critical thinking skills as they inspect each of the rooms in an effort to escape. Critical to achieving success are decisions about whether (1) a tool can be useful or (2) an object can be used as tool.

There are six different episodes, each with its own unique scenario. All of the scenarios are designed to ratchet up the intensity and make the break-outs more and more critical. Upon reaching the end of the game by successfully escaping all of the rooms, users may find an unexpected ending waiting for them.

Can I use it in my classroom?  Great for practicing critical thinking skills, Room Break is a welcome addition to just about any middle-school classroom.

All apps can be found in the iPad apps store under education.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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