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New App Teaches About the Digestive System

IsygameS has released The Amazing Digestive Journey—an interactive learning adventure game that teaches kids about the digestive process and how it works. As users take an interactive virtual journey through the complete human digestive system, quizzes, simulation exercises, and information games engage and motivate learners to explore while they learn fundamental concepts of anatomy and physiology.

The Amazing Digestive Journey is available on iTunes for $1.99.

"We saw a need for anatomy apps that not only look good to kids, but also have significantly more detailed, yet accessible, information," notes Isygames CEO Raquel Sanchez Anzola. "Our mission is to create apps for serious learning that are still fun for kids to navigate and learn."

With The Amazing Digestive Journey, users easily pilot through a virtual simulation of the systems and structures of the mouth, esophagus, intestines and other organs, all depicted in detailed imagery. The user-friendly interface of the app lets kids explore and learn, while advancing to different sections at their own pace. At each stage, users can click for more information, and acquire a deeper understanding of the digestive system.

Quizzes allow parents and teachers to measure learning retention.

The Amazing Digestive Journey includes:

  • Detailed depictions of the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system
  • 3 in 1: adventure game, quizzes, and reference tool
  • Point-by-point information detailing how enzymes break up food into nutrients which are used by the body
  • Tips for healthy hygiene habits and principles of good nutrition
  • Safe for kids: no social network integration; no in-app purchases; no ads
  • Bilingual text options: English and Spanish

The Amazing Digestive Journey was developed with funding from a prestigious grant by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and is doctor-supervised. The app is part of an anatomical overview series of apps being developed by Isygames. In addition to the popular D. Bones skeletal system app, more apps for the heart, lungs and muscles are coming. The Amazing Digestive Journey is for parents and teachers of kids 6-14.


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