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2013: The Year in Ed Tech

ed tech in the classroomTechnology remained at the forefront of the changing educational landscape in 2013. From the continued implementation of tablets in the classroom to growing concerns about Internet connectivity in the K-12 market, tech has been a critical issue for educators.

As 2013 winds down, enjoy the following look back at some of the most helpful and informative ed tech articles that we posted on EducationWorld this year.

Best Tools for Online Learning
An expert shares online tools for blended learning, flipped classroom and distance-learning models.

How To: Create a Table With the iOS App “Pages”
Students create a table to compare the features of various items or concepts.

12 Keys to Finding Quality Education Apps
Find apps that will keep students’ attention and help them learn. 

iPad Management Tips
Without proper management, the devices can devolve into distractions. These guidelines can help.

TechCHAT: Arturo Avina
We kick off this new EdWorld series with a kindergarten teacher whose video project helped ELL students shine.

COPPA: What Do the Amendments Mean?
Changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act take effect this summer. Is your school ready?

Parent Communication: Using Social Media
Social-media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are helping teachers keep parents and other community members informed.

President to Bring High-Speed Internet to Schools
A new program will bring high-speed Internet access to 99 percent of America's K-12 schools.

Best Instructional Videos: Apple Products and History
Take students on a journey through the history of the company, its products and its people.

Three Ways to Use cK-12 FlexBooks
The modifiable digital texts can be used in a number of ways in the classroom. These ideas help novices get started.

Ask Dr. Lynch: K-12 Tech Has Benefits, Drawbacks
Does technology facilitate expectations of instant gratification? Dr. Lynch considers the benefits and potential negatives.

Socratic Seminars as a Form of Social Networking
Video resources demonstrate how to use technology to expand student conversation beyond school walls.

Why Writing with Technology Matters: Five More Reasons
Thanks to technology, a moviemaking project enabled kids to continuously revise their work. 

Models for Effective Technology Integration
Tech integration unfolds in phases. In which phase is your school? Explore models that put tech-related PD in perspective. 

Digital Tools for Teaching the Scientific Method
From forming a hypothesis to reporting findings, these apps and web-based tools support budding scientists

Screen-Capture Software in the Classroom
Here are four great ideas for taking advantage of this simple technology in the K-12 classroom.

How To: Expand Storage on iOS Products
Third-party manufacturers are producing devices aimed squarely at Apple’s fixed storage mandate.

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