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An Attitude of Gratitude
Students identify unusual things theyre thankful for, and then represent those things on a PowerPoint slide.

Sites to See
Whether you're looking for Thanksgiving games, crafts, coloring pages, recipes, or lesson plan ideas, one of these sites is sure to have what you need.

Larry Ferlazzo's Best...
The best places non-tech-savvy people can find resources related to technology trouble-shooting and software questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!
You're sure to find lots of uses for this Happy Thanksgiving sign.
This Week's

A Techtorial
How to make trading cards with Word.

Strategic Management of Human Resources, an education task force whose goal is to improve student achievement, recently issued a report containing 20 recommendations task force members believe will help state and local education agencies achieve that goal.
The report, like most such reports, garnered support -- and criticism.
Read more.

A Thanksgiving WebQuest
The U.S. Congress has decided to change the name of Thanksgiving. Your team will help Congress decide what the new name should be.

Meeler's Weblog Class

Hillary Meeler's students blog their way to better writing skills.

What's the Point of PowerPoint?
PowerPoint can be a powerful tool, but its bells and whistles can distract students from the importance of content. How can you rein in the PowerPoint beast?

Doug Johnson: Tech Proof
It's Delightful; It's
The online bookmarking site is, in many ways, the poster child for what is commonly called Web 2.0.

Brenda Dyck: Brenda's Blog
Web 2.0 Tools
Will the potential of Web 2.0 find its way back into the classroom? Will these new tools transform education or simply entertain?

Nancy Willard: Cyber Savvy
Why Teens Make Unsafe Choices
The factors implicated in online decision making include the same factors that influence real-world decision making -- with a cyber-twist.

From the Science Machine
Use Nanozone to explore the topics of technology, biology, and health.

Miguel Guhlin:
The IT Crowd

Moodle-izing Your Education Enterprise
A technology that can transform how you handle online professional development and student learning.

Alma Rowe's
Gadget of the Week

This speedy tool takes any group of words -- a quote, a speech, a poem, an RSS feed-- and creates a graphic.

Featured (Free) Webinars
Wednesday, December 2
3:00pm (EST)
Obstacles or Protection--Internet Safety, School Filters, Firewalls from T.H.E. Journal.
This webinar explores the views of K-12 students, teachers, parents, and administrators regarding Internet safety.

From the Reading Machine
Flood reinforces vocabulary, classification skills.

From the Math Machine
Follow the Stars is a fun Web site for teaching about patterns.

Check out this week's site reviews:
Animal Bytes
Animal facts, photos, Webcams, more.

Get Body Smart
An eBook about human anatomy and physiology.

Amazon Interactive
Explore the Amazon Rainforest -- without getting muddy.

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A Healthy School Lunch
A middle school in Berkeley, California, serves up nutritious grub kids love.

Using Word Wisely
Learn how to make the tools work for you.

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