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Teachers, Will You Watch TV Land’s New Comedy Series ‘Teachers?’

Teachers, Will You Watch TV Land’s New Comedy Series ‘Teachers?’

TV Land is attempting to re-vamp it’s image to become a channel not only responsible for hosting the classics, but also responsible for creating them.

Its best effort so far in doing that is its creation of the so-far critically-praised comedy series, ‘Teachers.’

Based loosely on the experiences of a real teacher in the group, Metro chatted with two of the women behind the series,Kate Lambert, 34, and Katy Colloton, 33, on how the show relates to actual teachers and students.

Of course, the show is a comedy and has been described as “rowdy,” so Metro asked Colloton what she thought teachers would think of it.

"There’s something unique about being a teacher, because when you’re a 20-something at work, you expect that you're going to mess up and make mistakes all the time, but when you’re a teacher, a parent or a school board isn’t going to be lenient or understanding. We hope they can relate, and say 'That’s my co-worker,' or 'That’s the nightmare parent that I hate.’”

The cool thing about the series is that it explores a lot of the problems that teachers face, such as dealing with changing technology and integrating it into classroom instruction.

"Technology is so different than when we went to school. We explored that on the show in an episode about a teacher sending a Tweet, and the idea that your privacy is universal to everyone right now. Like if you put something on Facebook you could definitely get in trouble,” Colloton said.

One of the shows actresses, Katie O’Brien, urges teachers to watch the show to see what they might relate back to when thinking of their first teaching job.

“Everyone has gone to elementary school so this is really universal and now you’ll be able to see the humor in many of the situations in ways that you couldn’t when you were in it.” To this she adds, 'And, the show is also about being young and navigating your first job in a real adult workplace.’”

The series premieres tonight, Jan. 13 at 11 p.m. ET. The regular timeslot for the series will be Wednesdays at 10:30pm ET, beginning January 20th.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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