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Formerly on the state "watch list" because of low test scores, this Kentucky school has been designated an “Exemplar School” by the Partnership for 21st-Century Skills.
Reading and digesting the standards and determining what lessons best fulfill them is a big, big job. These resources can help.
"How can [my son] do all his homework on his own, rarely asking a question, never, ever struggling with any topic and get such a low percentile on a test?"
While some say handwriting doesn't matter in the digital age, psychologists and neurologists say it shouldn't be put on the back burner just yet.
"I am an effective teacher, despite what my principal, the observer from the Central Office and state may say," said one former teacher in Sumner County, TN.
Children in kindergarten or even younger are increasingly "using the threat of removing friendship as a tactical weapon."
Sadly, there are numerous cases of this happening across the country. The stolen money left kids without scholarships, uniforms and funds to fix broken instruments.
The billboard, which has since been taken down, featured five smiling kids beneath the Hitler quote "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."
Before blogs and the tech that enables them, teachers relied on peers to stumble upon information, make a judgment about its importantance to the profession, and manually reproduce it.
In Cleveland, two-thirds of teachers missed more than 10 days during the school year, prompting officials there to crack down on absences.
The standards' promise and the reality of their implementation are two very different things. Creating quality texts is a slow process, yet schools don't have the luxury of time.
"It's time to figure out how to invest in the public schools and stop finding ways to cut more educators," said David Broderic, a spokesperson for the teachers' union.
"While some patients do need medication, we have seen attention and hyperactivity improve with alternative regimens. Spending time educating patients about prevention has proven effective in our practice," said Dr. Tasneem Bhatia.
Millions of U.S. students are suspended each year for minor misconduct, which puts them at risk of falling behind academically, dropping out or entering the juvenile justice system.
"The authors of this [study] never questioned, or even bothered to defend, the value of the science lessons [students] learned," said education expert Alfie Kohn.
Bilingual education has fallen out of favor, but may be worth another look, argues this editorial.
Classmates of a graduating senior from Missouri showed kindness following the death of the student's parent.
"A Catholic school’s priority is to prepare children for Heaven, not for college," Heather Schweitzer, a mother who pulled her two daughters from All Saints Catholic School, told Fox News.
After two students were found hanging by their collars from a door hook, officials warn parents to tell kids that hanging from doors, or anything else, is dangerous.
Time off helps kids develop abstract thought and explore ideas learned during the school year, said Alfie Kohn, an outspoken critic of education's fixation on test scores.