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Latest Education News
President Trump's proposed budget is not sitting well with many educators due to the $9 billion in proposed spending cuts to after-school programs, professional development and more.
Here are all of the latest happenings in STEM education this week, including Cartoon Network's initiative to promote STEAM.
Trump’s proposed budget invests in school choice programs, while reducing the DOE’s discretionary budget by 13 percent.
States' abilities to accurately measure students' career and college readiness should be a top priority, a new report claims.
WE Day in New York celebrates students who are making positive changes in the world today.
Level Up Village is the first organization to receive the International Society for Technology in Education's Seal of Alignment thanks to their virtual STEAM enrichment courses.
The big stories this week include a NFL star's donation to help support STEM initiatives in minority communities and a district's investment in AR/VR.
A lack of sleep can adversely affect students’ cognitive abilities and emotional behavior, leading some schools to embrace the midday nap.
Utica Community Schools is one of the centers of education paving the way in AR/VR learning experiences in the classroom.
International Women's Day inspires 'A Day Without A Woman' protests and a closer look at issues impacting women in education.
One year after its implementation, the new SAT is still receiving positive responses from students, parents and teachers.
Schools are facing teacher shortages with many finding a wide array of reasons as to why numbers are shrinking.
Here are some of the top stories in STEM news this week, including the signing of new laws by President Donald Trump to increase female participation in STEM fields.
Newsela has released a new set of text sets designed to embrace diversity while unifying students.
New classroom design experiments are proving that the more comfortable children are in their classroom environment, the more engaged they become.
President Donald Trump discussed his early child care and school choice voucher proposals in his Joint Address to Congress--and critics have already weighed in.
US News and World Report releases their latest rankings of the states with the best education systems.
Credit recovery courses can be a very helpful tool to students who have a hard time graduation. However, it could potentially be a way to cheat the system when it comes to answer checks.
Why ESSA provides some protections against Betsy DeVos' power as secretary of education.
A bill that would have allowed science teachers to introduce theories disputing evolutionary and climate-change science was defeated by a South Dakota House committee, but similar measures are popping up across the country.