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To get prepared, review these common district-level and school interview questions beforehand. Take the time to really think through your answers and write them down.
Preschool students whose teachers are battling depression "act out" more than those taught by other teachers, according to a study reviewed in Health.com.
An estimated 3.2 billion in new funds represent a needed investment "above and beyond the $2.4 billion currently directed to schools and libraries each year as a part of the federal E-rate program."
Musicians, actors and visual artists are helping special-education teachers improve students' academic, social and communication skills.
"It was my day," said Destiny Hartis, 20, who attended the prom with her cousin, Kerstin Jones, in a long blue dress. "I was going to win."
Every dollar spent on school nursing services saves $2.20 in medical costs and lost productivity from teachers and parents.
Throughout her writing, Ms. Angelou explored the concepts of personal identity and resilience while examining the socially marginalizing forces of racism and sexism.
The new girl at Westford Academy digs Guy Lombardo instead of Lady Gaga. She is 94 years old and counting down the days until she crosses the stage at Westford Academy Trustees Field and receives her high school diploma.
Who says summer reading is just for students? Education Closet's list features professional development books addressing the Common Core, technology, the arts and much more.
In Galactic Mappers, students must work in teams to create the most geographically diverse continent they can. The game allows students to collaborate, design, iterate and present a finished product.
Take the time to dive through this article with a highlighter and discuss the implications. Teacher quality and teacher education make a big difference.
The Recovery School District will be the first in the nation comprised only of charter schools, representing a "grand experiment in urban education."
LeVar Burton will use the money to digitally revive the program and bring it into classrooms.
"It's all about the first experience," said Microsoft Research Developer Peli de Halleux, who created the event last year. "It's realizing that you can do some coding and create your own apps."
Third-grader Gwendolyn Williams came home with a health assessment in her backpack stating that according to her Body Mass Index (BMI), she was overweight.
The problem is that districts and state legislatures have been slow to approve the transition to digital texts, providing too few clients for digital providers to stay afloat.
Schools that increase spending may produce better outcomes for low-income students--for example, by significantly raising graduation rates.
Irresponsible reporting and misinformed activists are responsible for recent outbreaks of childhood diseases, said the CDC.
Teachers and parents who leave children "unplugged" might negatively impact their academic achievement.
Get details on the case, plus student reflection questions, in this EducationWorld teacher resource.