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Multilingual Texting Platform Aims to Help Schools Engage All Families

Multilingual Texting Platform Aims to Help Schools Engage All Families

San Francisco-based nonprofit TalkingPoints announced yesterday the launch of a centralized school-wide platform designed to help school officials communicate with all of the families they serve, regardless of language barriers.

TalkingPoints for Schools is an elaboration on the company’s baseline product, a two-way multilingual platform designed to better connect teachers and parents. Through one centralized account, educators and school administration "can communicate with the same parents, build case studies around specific students, and collaboratively measure and report on parental engagement analytics,” according to a statement from TalkingPoints.

To ensure that the platform is utilized to its fullest potential, TalkingPoints also offers coaching on parent-teacher communicate and initial professional development materials, says the company’s website.

While centralization and engagement are two of the platform’s main goals, the platform is also designed to help schools improve. Message history and analytics are available to help school officials asses parent engagement and figure out how to meaningfully improve practices.

“Our goal with [TalkingPoints] is to connect and empower all teachers, parents and students to succeed at each of their jobs by transforming the way they communicate,” said Heejae Lim, Founder of TalkingPoints in a company statement.

"As a Korean immigrant attending high school in the UK, I personally witnessed how my peer’s education and career trajectories suffered as a result of the language barrier between our English-speaking teachers and their Korean-speaking parents.”

As the company points out, the percentage of U.S. students whose families do not speak English at home is projected to increase significantly year after year, making it a priority for schools to succeed in multilingual communications.

With its support of over 20 different languages, TalkingPoints hopes to help schools improve.

Read more about TalkingPoints here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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