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Latest Education News
Food is being left on the table by a lack of participation in the summer meals program.
The MfA model keeps teachers in the classroom while removing the barriers to professional growth.
A new study breaks down different approaches states take in getting funds to low-income students.
Labor unions could see a loss in membership and fees if a case makes its way to the Supreme Court.
Betsy DeVos recently took harsh criticism from both Democrats and Republicans regarding the Trump administration's proposed budget cuts.
Leveraging teacher leadership at the state level can be challenging, but it's of high importance.
A growing number of high schools are preparing students for college by offering accelerated associate's degree programs.
Schools are devising their battle plans to beat the problem of chronic absenteeism.
Washington D.C. has seen an increase in teachers quitting mid-school year, but why and what can be done about it?
Summer break shouldn't equal a backslide in learning, but for many students that seems to be the case.
More rural school districts are moving to shorter school weeks to save money, but is the change doing more harm than good?
A program aimed at curbing religious bullying in schools has some critics shouting discrimination.
States are not only enrolling more children in preschool programs, but spending more money on them as well.
States like West Virginia and Texas are reevaluating the way they teach sex education.
Teaching students collaboration is vital for their success after they leave the classroom.
Only six states currently require school buses to have seat belts, so why aren't more states following suit?
Nine out of 10 teachers pay into a pension plan, but very few ever reap the full benefits.
Trump's proposed education budget hints at the federal government stepping back on its education role.
The controversial series on Netflix about teen suicide has both educators and mental health officials concerned.
Google's rise to power has both educators and parents questioning its long-term impact.