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Latest Education News
Back-to-school shopping has started earlier than ever thanks to Amazon Prime Day and its competition.
More schools are doing away with the traditional number and letter grades for a new approach focused on student mastery of the material.
The public weighs in on charter schools, school vouchers, Common Core, and more in Education Next's 11th annual survey.
How teachers can approach the issue of hate and teaching tolerance following the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.
More states are beginning to lift restrictions on English-only classrooms, opening up a need for bilingual teachers.
Florida school districts are considering filing a lawsuit over a controversial new law critics argue favors charter schools.
More schools are reevaluating the practice of out-of-school suspensions.
Schools around the country are deciding whether to stay open or close on August 21, the day of the solar eclipse.
Findings from a new study highlight areas of needed improvement regarding professional development planning.
A new study sheds a critical eye on the performance pay model for teacher's salaries.
Lawmakers in states around the U.S. are desperately searching for a solution to their education funding woes.
Schools are beginning to examine the way they develop a relationship with lower-income parents.
Students weren't the only ones who spent their summer break participating in STEM camps. Teachers got in on the action as well.
Schools are taking a serious look at how they address the mental health of their students.
Feedback regarding state-submitted ESSA plans has been met with frustration from state leaders.
Special needs students are often the most vulnerable to bullying.
Chicago and other school districts around the country are looking into amending their diploma requirements.
Advocates for the rights of sexual assault victims in schools are concerned with Betsy DeVos' plans for Title IX.
More cities are facing a crisis of potentially losing their teachers due to high housing costs.
A new study analyzes the most at-risk states in the country for the youth of today.