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Every dollar spent on school nursing services saves $2.20 in medical costs and lost productivity from teachers and parents.
Throughout her writing, Ms. Angelou explored the concepts of personal identity and resilience while examining the socially marginalizing forces of racism and sexism.
The new girl at Westford Academy digs Guy Lombardo instead of Lady Gaga. She is 94 years old and counting down the days until she crosses the stage at Westford Academy Trustees Field and receives her high school diploma.
"Dear Mr. B., I would like you to know how much I appreciate the time you put into teaching and helping us understand," the letter reads. "To not just solve a problem, but to work through it step by step."
Who says summer reading is just for students? Education Closet's list features professional development books addressing the Common Core, technology, the arts and much more.
"We implement teacher and school accountability metrics that focus heavily on student outcomes, without realizing that this approach is invalid," said Ben Spielberg, a Teach for America alum and current math instructional coach in the San... 05/27/2014 - 12:05pm ago
The arts help students think creatively, enhance their skill base and achieve higher test scores. Turnaround schools, who desperately need all of these benefits, will now receive funding for arts programs in their schools.
In Galactic Mappers, students must work in teams to create the most geographically diverse continent they can. The game allows students to collaborate, design, iterate and present a finished product.
When North Arvada Middle School overhauled its teacher evaluations three years ago, educator Barbara Aswege could not have been more opposed. Now, “I’m constantly begging [observers] to come in my room,” Aswege said.
To get prepared, review these common district-level and school interview questions beforehand. Take the time to really think through your answers and write them down.
Two unlikely partners have united to tackle standardized testing and other controversial education topics in TN. Democrat and first-grade teacher Emily Mitchell and State Representative and Republican Rick Womick consider each other... 05/27/2014 - 10:49am ago
The annual White House Science Fair is today, and President Obama continues to encourage young girls and women to pursue STEM careers.
Sixteen states--up from 10 states in 2011--say their teacher evaluations are used in making tenure decisions. Three states--FL, NC and KS--voted to eliminate tenure altogether.
Here are 10 technologies to help you implement PBL, giving kids authentic experience and helping you track their progress. In PBL classrooms, students aren’t learning simply to pass a test; they’re applying creativity and taking ownership... 05/23/2014 - 9:43am ago
Translate the challenging aspects of co-teaching into proactive actions, such as using social media to communicate. This way, all students have heightened opportunities to achieve.
Educators and parents know it--summer reading is essential for kids! Make reading a priority during the school break.
Evaluations have shifted from largely "pro forma" assessments to complicated ones that tie principals' effectiveness to student growth. Yet little is known about evaluations for school leaders.
Educators can use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to enhance communication with the school community.
Public-school math achievement equaled or outstripped math achievement at every type of private school in grades 4 and 8 on the NAEP.
Tired of the same old ideas for preventing the “summer slide”? Dig a little deeper with the following seven activities that families can complete together.