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Latest Education News
New estimates provide some alarming news about the goal to eradicate child poverty by 2030.
Before DeVos even gets confirmed, Florida is providing insight on how school choice might play out on a national level.
The New Teacher Center asks the Senate's HELP committee to question DeVos about her commitment to educator quality during its review of her nomination.
Google Classroom now includes updates designed to better help teachers differentiate learning for students.
The top 10 education news stories of 2016.
How you can inspire your students to be the country's top young scientist--and $25,000 richer.
The DOE has released information regarding the education of immigrant children just a week before the administration switches hands.
Read about this week's STEM news.
Social media is proving to be a valuable resource to engage educators, parents and students.
"Hidden Figures" has instantly been recognized as teaching a valuable lesson in STEM to today's students.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Charles Schwab Foundation have announced the release of a free online game that teaches teens money management skills.
Video sharing app Flipgrid has announced a free version after a year of record growth.
The 2017 National Teacher of the Year finalists represent a group of unique, highly talented individuals in the teaching profession.
Maryland's libraries will be hosts of virtual makerspaces thanks to a new partnership.
While the encyclopedias might be collecting dust, the library has made sure that as an institution, it won’t be.
Where does your city rank on the 2017 list of best and worst cities for STEM professionals?
A new report provides decision makers with recommendations for improving school leadership under ESSA.
Opponents, including Elizabeth Warren and John B. King, Jr., express concerns about Betsy DeVos's goals as Education Secretary ahead of confirmation hearing.
10 quotes that reveal how Betsy DeVos feels about education.
What do zombies, librarians and manufacturing education all have in common? They're all included in this week's STEM roundup!