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Leaving behind dodgeball and other games that use kids as targets, the program instead emphasizes personal fitness plans and activities that accommodate different student strengths.
We should expect to see increasing focus on open education resources, as well as more experimentation with blended learning models that combine time on the computer with face-to-face instruction.
"Teaching colleges are too lenient in their admissions criteria and have failed to prepare their students to teach subjects like reading, math and science," said a report by the National Council on Teacher Quality.
Smithsonian Quests is a collection of self-directed, project-based learning activities where students can earn badges for their completed quests.
Critics say Namita Dwarka has neglected students with special needs, taken away math and science programs and altered the grading system to improve graduation rates.
The teachers in question are suspected of serious offenses such as attempted murder, sexual misconduct or drug offenses, according to the LA Times.
Students need a minimum "B" GPA to enter a teacher training program and to receive certification, and they must pass a performance test upon certification.
While the popularity of Codecademy and Code.org might suggest that learning to code is easy and fun, the truth is that it's difficult to develop the skills needed to qualify for programmer jobs, and many people would find those jobs... 06/18/2014 - 8:42am ago
The Court decided not to reconsider a federal appeals court ruling that a public school district was wrong to hold high school graduation ceremonies in a church.
Schools can build early-warning indicators based on students' attendance, course failure and behavior in order to predict dropout, on-time graduation, and college and career readiness.
Eight-year-old Asher Palmer was expelled for threatening other kids with a toy "gun" made from rolled-up paper, The New York Post reported.
Students who suffer head injuries would need approval from a medical professional before returning to the field, Reuters reported.
Joaquin Del Core said a bully targeted him all year, beat him up weekly and threatened to kill him. The fourth-grader's parents have filed a lawsuit on their son's behalf seeking $50,000 from the bully, the bully's parents and the Chicago-... 06/20/2014 - 11:05am ago
“Laws are not always the cure for our every social ill, no matter how good they make us feel inside,” said criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Danny Cevallos.
Texting helps kids understand how sounds and print relate to each other--for example, the word "great" and the abbreviated version "gr8."
“They’re trying to, in my opinion, shelter us from what’s actually going on around the country and around the world by blocking these websites,” a student said.
Retail stores such as J.C. Penney, Target and Walmart are reaching out to customers with sales on clothing, backpacks, school supplies and more.
The idea for this type of school came from a task force appointed by NJ Gov. Chris Christie to address the state's heroin crisis.
The education superintendent and board president dismissed Gov. Jindal's rejection of Common Core as "a dramatic but meaningless gesture."
At this fully-loaded tutoring center, kids enter a superhero or pirate shop and then go through a secret door.