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Feminism…Who 'Gets It'?

Share with students these diverse (male and female) points of view on attitudes toward--and beliefs about--women and girls in our society. Use these perspectives to open discussion on what it means to be a woman in the modern age. How far have we come, and what work remains to be done?

1. Indie singer-songwriter Neko Case gets it. 

Source: Hiccups of Inspiration 

2. Batgirl gets it. 

Source: Poor Little Bat, You’re in My World Now 

3. Jackson Katz, Ph.D. (educator, filmmaker, author and creator of the gender violence prevention and education program Mentors in Violence Prevention) gets it.

Source: GynocraticGrrl


4. Actor Dustin Hoffman, who starred as a female character in the 1982 gender-bending movie Tootsie, gets it. 

Source: BoysBestFriendIsHisMother

5. Author (1991's The Beauty Myth), activist and former political consultant Naomi Wolf gets it. 

Source: SynocraticGrrl

6. This young child gets it. 

Source: Tomash.soup 

When will the rest of the world get it?


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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