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Ancient Olympic Games

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Directions: What do you know about the history of the Olympic Games? Use the information at the Web site provided to find the answers to the questions below. Read each question. Circle the correct answer.

Web Resource:
The Olympic Festival in Antiquity (Click Games)

  1. According to mythology, who invented the sport of boxing?

    Perseus Homer Apollo

  2. Which ancient Olympic event included both wrestling and boxing?

    pankration biathalon javelin

  3. From what material was the ancient discus made?

    wood stone marble

  4. In what arena were chariot races held?

    Olympic Stadium Coliseum Hippodrome

  5. Which ancient Olympic contest included discus, javelin, long jump, running, and wrestling?

    pankration pentathlon equestrian events

If you're looking for more of a challenge, explore the entire Olympics Through Time Web site at and compare the ancient and modern Games.

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