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Scavenger Hunt: "Computers" Worksheet

How Computers Work

Computers are a large part of many student's lives. This worksheet helps students to identify how a computer works.
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Directions: What do you know about how computers work? Use the information you find at the Web site provided below to answer the questions on this page. Write your answers on the lines next to each question. Web Resource: Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults


  1. Which three parts of the computer receive input?


    Which three parts of the computer give output?



  2. What does the computer hard disk do?



  3. What does DOS stand for?



  4. What kind of file has a name that ends with .gif?



  5. In computer language, what does cd\ mean?



If you have more time, go to Kids Can Program
to learn how to write your own computer programs!

Answer Key: How Computers Work

  1. The keyboard, mouse, and modem are input devices. The monitor, printer, and modem are output devices.
  2. The computer hard disk is for long-term storage.
  3. DOS stands for "disk operating system."
  4. .gif identifies a graphic file or picture.
  5. In computer language, cd\ means "change directory to root."