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Egyptology Craft: Learning About the Ancient World

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Fine Arts
--Visual Arts
--World History



Brief Description

Students make a decorative mummy and jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt.


Students will

  • Learn new visual art vocabulary and use it in the course of the project.
  • Generate multiple designs with the use of color and release techniques.
  • Use multiple instructions to produce a hands-on project.
  • Understand and apply media, techniques and processes.
  • Use visual arts in relation to history and cultures.
  • Reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.
  • Make connections between visual arts and other disciplines.


Egypt, ancient, mummy, jewelry, civilization, craft, art

Lesson Plan

Egyptology is the study of Ancient Egypt and Egyptian antiquities, and is a regional and thematic branch of the larger disciplines of Ancient History and Archaeology. A practitioner of the discipline is an Egyptologist, though Egyptology is not exclusive to such practitioners.

Many Egyptian temples are still standing today. Some are in ruin from wear and tear, while others have been lost entirely. The Egyptian structures are among the largest man-made constructions ever conceived. They constitute one of the most potent and enduring symbols of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

For materials needed, full lesson plan, assessment and national standards, access the PDF-format printable lesson.

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