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Championship Game Headlines

DIRECTIONS:Peter Pickieater writes restaurant reviews for the Boston Creampie Journal. The paper is trying to eliminate the "fluff" in its articles by slicing some of its usual material and replacing it with stories that have more broad-based appeal. This includes covering the National Football League's conference championships.

The paper couldn't afford to hire a reporter to cover the games, so it gave the assignment to one of its current reporters -- Peter! He knows nothing about football, but he took notes as he watched the games on TV. Help Peter complete his article by filling in the correct football terms on the lines. The Football Glossary --- at will help you choose just the right words.

Atlanta Falcons Defeat Minnesota Vikings in NFC Championship Game

Chris Chandler played __________ for the Atlanta Falcons, and passed the ball well. The winning __________ __________ for the Falcons was made by Morton Anderson. Another kicker, Gary Anderson missed a 38-yard kick when it went a foot to the left of the __________, contributing to the Vikings' loss. Anderson hadn't missed a kick during the entire season! Atlanta's Jamal Anderson scored a __________ on a 5-yard pass from Chandler. Chuck Smith knocked the ball from Randall Cunningham's hand, forcing a __________, or loss of possession of the ball. The __________, or artificial playing surface, caused some problems for the players. In overtime, the Falcon's __________, Dan Reeves, called a play that had Morten Anderson come out with the __________ __________ for the game-winning 38-yard kick.

Denver Broncos Going to the ---__________ __________

The Broncos had the __________ __________ __________ as they faced off against the New York Jets in Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, for the AFC championship. Terrell Davis of the Broncos __________, or completed running plays, for 167 yards. John Elway protected himself from a __________ (tackle) behind the __________ __________ __________. Even a __________ by the defensive players of the Jets, racing to tackle him as he passed the ball, couldn't stop Elway. Fans gave Elway a Mile High sendoff because he is planning to retire this year, and this was his last game in Denver. He will have fond memories of throwing a long pass, or __________, down the field toward the __________ __________ and a score!

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