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"Give My Regards to Broadway"

Directions: Draw a line from the description of the name of a Broadway musical to its actual title.

1. year in which the Declaration of Independence was approved   Carousel
2. tale of the area in the direction to the left of person facing north   South Pacific
3. the 46th state   A Chorus Line
4. felines   The King and I
5. lovely girl and ogre   Fiddler on the Roof
6. merry-go-round   1776
7. musician on external upper covering of a house   Bye Bye Birdie
8. men and children's toys   Grease!
9. sovereign and ninth letter of the alphabet   West Side Story
10. direction to the left of person facing sunset with largest ocean on the planet   Oklahoma!
11. apparition haunting a theatrical establishment   The Music Man
12. farewell feathered vertebrate   Beauty and the Beast
13. company of singers and/or dancers in a row   Cats
14. fatty or oily matter   The Phantom of the Opera
15. adult male of harmonious sounds   Guys and Dolls

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