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Tracking the Wild Ones

DIRECTIONS: Use information from the graphs provided in the Resources below to answer the following questions about endangered species.



Number of U.S. Listed Species Per Calendar Year at

Summary of Listed Species at


1. Did the number of listed endangered and threatened species grow or decline during the period of 1980-2005?

2. How many more endangered and threatened species were listed by the Fish and Wildlife Service in 2005 than in 1980?

3. In 2008, were more plants or animals in the world listed as endangered or threatened? How many more? (Note: An animal is any creature that can breathe and move about. So, insects and clams are animals.)

4. What is the current total of threatened and endangered species in the United States?

5. How many U.S. fish are listed as endangered or threatened today?

6. Which group of animals has the smallest number of species in danger of extinction on the current U.S. list? How many total species of this type are endangered or threatened?

7. Which plant group -- flowering plants, conifers, ferns, or lichens -- has the smallest number of total species on the U.S. endangered or threatened species lists?

8. How many more U.S. species than foreign ones are listed as threatened or endangered on the current list?

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