Huey and Louie Meet Dewey

DIRECTIONS: Help the twins Huey and Louie organize the following books by using your guide to the Dewey decimal system.

Your teacher will provide the guide, or you can find it at the following Internet source:
Dewey Decimal Classification System

Begin by recording the three-digit number for the group of books that best fits each title. For example, a book called Math for Beginners: Addition and Subtraction would belong to the category 510 Mathematics. Then put the titles in order from 1 to 10. The book with the lowest category number should be ranked number 1.

___________ ___________ The Telly Foto Lens Handbook of Photography
___________ ___________ It's All Greek to Me: The Classical Greek Language
___________ ___________ The Magic of the Mind
___________ ___________ Education for the Future
___________ ___________ Tropical Heat Wave's Guide to Travel in the South Pacific
___________ ___________ Farming for Fun
___________ ___________ Bears or Bulls? What Is Next for the Nation's Economy?
___________ ___________ Build the Better Skyscraper
___________ ___________ What Every Journalist Should Know
___________ ___________ How to Write a Bibliography

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