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Oceans: True or False?


Subject: Arts & Humanities,
Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description
Students take a quiz to test their knowledge of the oceans. (This activity might be used at the start or end of an oceans unit.)


Students demonstrate their knowledge of oceans.


ocean, quiz

Materials Needed

Oceans: True or False? work sheets, pencils/pens, computers with Internet access or printouts of the material referenced below

Lesson Plan


  • Ask students to take minute to think about what they know about oceans. Tell students that they are going to take a quiz to check their knowledge of oceans and ocean life.
  • Provide each student with a copy of the Education World work sheet Oceans: True or False? Have students complete the quiz on their own.
  • Ask students to use the following sites or printouts from those sites to find the answers to the questions and evaluate their quizzes:
    "Ocean Planet" Marine Life Facts,
    "Ocean Planet" Oceanographic Facts,



ANSWER KEY:   1. True,    2. True,    3. False,    4. False,    5. True,    6. True,    7. True,    8. True,    9. False,    10. True.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

National Standards

Language Arts: