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Tall Ships 2000


Grade:3-5, 6-8, 9-12

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Students plot on a world map the number of ships participating in this summer's big sailing event.


Students study a chart that lists the ships that will participate in this summer's Tall Ships 2000 race and tour. They determine how many ships are participating from each country. They plot the number of ships from each country on a world map.


ships, race, sail, world

Materials Needed

blank world map for each student (see this world map), printouts of the chart on Tall Ships 2000 (click on Vessels at the top of the page to access the chart)

Lesson Plan

Give each student a copy of the chart that tells about this summer's Tall Ships 2000 race and tour. Ask students to determine the number of ships that will participate from each of the ten countries listed below; each of those countries has at least two ships that will participate. Then have students write the number of ships from each country on that country on the world map. (The number is given in parentheses after the country name.)
Canada (5)
Czech Republic (2)
Germany (6)
Italy (6)
Japan (2)
Netherlands (3)
Poland (4)
Russia (2)
United Kingdom (UK) (19)
United States (US) (9)


A score of 80 percent indicates mastery.

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Education World

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Gary Hopkins

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