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7 Truths About Being a School Administrator

Not for the faint of heart, being a school administrator often feels like an "extreme sport." Are any of these true of you?

1.  You've got your hands in everything that goes on in the school. Busy doesn't even begin to describe your day!

school administrator humor

2.  You need the skills of a magician to translate yet another onerous state mandate into something staff will understand and embrace.

school principal humor


3.  You put so much energy into "carrying" others, but who carries you when you're exhausted?

school jokes


4.  Certain students just seem...unreachable.

stress relief for school principals


5.  Summer break? Surely you jest.

principal stress


6.  Another day, another potentially unpopular decision to make. Can you hear the pushback already?

funny school

7.  Ah, student test scores. Constantly moving targets that are always just...out of...reach.

student test scores


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