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Week of April 21, 2014


New York City Reducing Role of Tests in Advancing Students to Next Grade
Under the new policy, students in third through eighth grades would be judged on several criteria, including writing samples, grades and class projects. While test scores would also be considered in deciding which students should advance to the next grade level, they would not be the dominant factor, as they were under Mr. Bloomberg.

Poor Students and Students of Color Are Less Likely to Get Highly Effective Teaching
We want to get the best teachers to the students who need them most, but a review of data from the newest teacher evaluation systems show that this is not always what happens.

Idea of New Attention Disorder Spurs Research, and Debate
Some are claiming to have identified a new disorder that could vastly expand the ranks of young people treated for attention problems. Called “sluggish cognitive tempo,” the condition is said to be characterized by lethargy, daydreaming and slow mental processing.

Keeping Student Data Private
The combination of mobile computing and always-connected, cloud-based software creates freedom for students and teachers—and headaches for those tasked with managing it. District tech leaders offer solutions to colleagues looking to make sure that private data stays private.

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