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March 17, 2014

Panel: Limit Time Teaching to Test
A panel created by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to look into New York’s rollout of the Common Core curriculum recommended banning standardized tests for the youngest students and capping the amount of instructional time that can be used for test prep.

Biometrics May Be Banned in Florida Schools, But Flourish Elsewhere
The example now causing a ruckus is in Pinellas County. Schools there use palm scanners to authorize withdrawals from pre-paid accounts, moving lunch lines faster and giving students more time to eat. That ruckus, however, so far has been stirred by legislators, not parents.

What a Florida Middle School Has Learned So Far Teaching Common Core Standards
Monroe Middle School teacher Dawn Norris hears a difference in her language arts classes since she starting using Common Core standards two years ago. It’s how the 13-year teacher knows the new standards are working.

What’s Not to ‘Like’? Rethinking Restrictive Social Media Policies
As schools, we have installed locks and put up high fences to ward off undesirable content. We have made the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) into the highest fence of all. The problem is that kids have already been in the pool and will do anything to keep returning.

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