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Site Review: myHistro

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Content:  myHistro enables students and educators to create multimedia presentations and maps relevant to history. Watch an archive of professional historical timelines, or place events on a timeline and let Google Maps geolocate them.

Design:  The design is modern and fresh. Just sign in—it’s free—and start creating events. After entering a number of them, users can create a story (a.k.a. timeline). A new feature enables educators to remove items (names/dates) from a timeline, send to myHistro users and administer quizzes. Another newer feature lets users watch 3D historical battles; anyone familiar with the classic game “Age of Empires” will be entertained.

Review:  myHistro is an interesting tool that will not only engage older students, but also serve as a classroom teaching tool. The American Association of School Librarians in 2013 awarded it the honor of Best Website for Teaching and Learning. Said "This versatile browser-based tool enables students to combine blogging, videos and photographs on interactive Google Earth and Google Maps. MyHistro’s chronological timeline makes it great for collaborative tasks, multimedia projects and presentations in History, Geography and Social Science."

Bottom Line:  An easy-to-use Web site, myHistro can help both educators and students create simple timelines and maps.


Article by Ted Glanzer, EducationWorld Contributor
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