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Site Review: Common Sense Education

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Content:  Common Sense Media aims to improve the lives of families by providing trustworthy information, education and the independent voice students need in a world filled with media and technology. The organization's resource area for educators, Common Sense Education, offers everything from Web site recommendations and digital citizenship teaching materials to professional development content. The broader site also features top movie lists, book recommendations, TV show reviews and the like.

Design:  The site's look reflects its goal of serving as a top-notch tech resource for educators and students. The design is easy to navigate and offers a lot of content without seeming overwhelming. Teachers may want to access the main Common Sense Media homepage to use the handy tool where they can scroll to a specific age range. Once they select a range, users see organized boxes and columns of books, games and more from which to choose.

Review:  This Common Sense Education section has just about anything an educator would want for teaching students and their parents about digital citizenship and online safety. Teachers also will find comprehensive guidance for proactively addressing issues commonly faced when implementing a 1:1 technology program. The Graphite tool allows educators to find the best apps, games and sites for the classroom. In addition, users can access online training and webinars, or read the Common Classroom blog to get more great ideas. 

Bottom Line:  Common Sense Education helps educators build students' digital citizenship skills and find the best and most appropriate media to use in the classroom.

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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