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Company Brings Free K-12 Education to the World

LearningAisle, a San Francisco ed-tech startup, is providing the full K-12 curriculum for free. With a mission of giving every student a high-quality education, the company serves thousands of students from more than 20 countries with premium content in age-appropriate vocabulary and choices of learning methods.

Students need no additional books, as the curriculum fully covers the national standards for every grade.

“Why does good education have to be a protected, mysterious privilege that only a few people get?” asks Mack Sundaram, the founder and CEO. “We live in world where children are told what to do at every step. Unless we help them learn how to make choices and take responsibility for them, we aren’t really creating the leaders of tomorrow. Why not start by empowering kids right from childhood?”

LearningAisle boasts 10,000 pages of lessons, 21,000 assessment questions, and pre- and post-quizzes, all created by teachers (sourced from eTap). It also carefully curates links to Khan Academy, Discovery Channel, PBS and other organizations that support K-12 democratization.

“We’ve vetted the Internet so that students can get everything in one place,” adds Mack.

The platform provides powerful ways for students to learn and build a peer community. Students pose questions right inside the lessons they are studying, which encourages their peers to respond and help. “Crowd-sourced” inputs from parents and teachers further improve the quality of study materials.

Educators can use this content as a supplemental resource. Catching up with schoolwork, practicing tests, learning something new, and homeschooling are ways in which students engage with LearningAisle every day.


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