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Sites to See: Remembering D-Day

Education World looks at some interesting D-Day Web sites.

The PBS Internet companion to its award-winning series The American Experience has an interesting D-Day site. At The American Experience: D-Day, students can read news reports of the invasion, learn about the role that paratroopers played, and read selections from servicemen's letters home.

Anyone doing a research project on the Normandy Invasion should visit the U.S. Army Center of Military History's Normandy Invasion Web page for an extensive collection of articles, histories, studies, and photographs. Every aspect of the invasion, from the planning and strategizing to a list of the 12 Medal of Honor recipients, is included. Because much of the material presented is taken verbatim from original reports and studies, there is quite a bit of detail and repetition, but the presentation is well organized and the site easily navigable.

For something different, go to Naval Art from D-Day, from the Department of the Navy art collection. The site offers a brief background about D-Day and features pictures by three different naval artists. The experiences of those artists were unusual in that they trained on the vessels that would ultimately participate in the invasion, stayed with the ships when they crossed the channel, and accompanied the troops as they landed. For security reasons, the paintings were subject to strict censorship and were received by the Navy Art Collection only after the events were over.

Bedford, Virginia, is the site of The National D-Day Memorial Foundation, a memorial exhibit and education center. Bedford lost 21 men in the D-Day invasion, the largest per capita loss of any U.S. community. The Web site has information about the history of the D-Day invasion as well as first-person reports of survivors of the invasion and relatives of those killed in action.

The National D-Day Museum in New Orleans is a good source of historical information and photographs.


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Originally published 10/26/2001
Links last updated 11/11/2014


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