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"Coughy Cup" Promises to Reduce Student Illness in Schools

In Sugar Land, TX, teachers are supporting the germ-killing invention Coughy Cup and the related Cups4Kids Fundraiser in order to prevent missed school days due to student sickness. 

"Coughy Cup" inventor John Delatorre is turning to the Internet to raise funds to begin manufacturing his cups for students so they will stay healthy and stay in school. 

Students can use the device for coughing, sneezing and dispensing tissues. The user coughs into the lid, and filtered air exits the bottomless cup, which--without the use of chemicals--traps more than 99 percent of bacteria.

The common cold causes children to miss 22 million school days each year. Influenza, another common sickness among students, causes kids to miss 38 million school days each year. 

"Our ultimate goal is to see a reusable Coughy Cup in every child's school book bag. One filter, per person per day can help keep kids healthy," said Delatorre. 

The fundraiser, Cups4Kids, asks every parent, teacher and administrator to get Coughy Cups in the hands of every student. The public can also donate cups to any school of their choice, buy Coughy Cup t-shirts or have dinner with the inventor.

"We're offering rewards to thank our fans for their help," said Delatorre. "I'll even shave my head and come clean your house if that's what it takes. I'm happy to say parents are our greatest supporters."

The Cups4Kids fundraiser launched on on April 23, 2014 and ends on June 22, 2014. Delatorre's goal is to raise $50,000 to purchase the tooling and materials needed to begin selling cups to schools. The inventor also needs to pay $6,500 to the Food and Drug Administration for classification and registration.

"The FDA considers the Coughy Cup to be a medical device because it mitigates germs and viruses," Delatorre said. "The Coughy Cup is a simple solution to a complex problem."

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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