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Self-Paced Video Courses Cover Common Core ELA Standards

Teachscape has added a new interactive series to its award-winning TeachscapeLearn Professional Learning Suite. The Common Core Series in TeachscapeLearn includes video-based, self-paced courses on the CCSS for English Language Arts (ELA) and Literacy.

The series, which helps educators understand and effectively implement the new standards, presents case studies, extensive expert commentary and course content.  Each course, which ranges from 15 minutes to two hours, uses a multimodal approach to increase the educator’s knowledge about Common Core for ELA and Literacy. These courses are useful to teachers from various grades and  classroom settings. Expert commentary includes distinguished professors from institutions such as University of California, Berkeley, Rutgers University, University of Maryland and Stanford University.

Peter Worth, director of learning design at Teachscape, said when teachers have a clear understanding of what the new standards mean for their teaching and can see what those instructional shifts look like, they can align their own personal practices.

“Our goal in designing these courses was to create a learning experience that, whether used as a stand-alone resource, or as part of a comprehensive professional learning program, would help to build that understanding and inspire teachers to reflect on their practice as they implement the Common Core,” he said.

Interested users can access an overview of the series by starting an introductory course that guides them through the standards. Learners have the opportunity to benefit from interviews with leading literacy experts, recommended readings and reflection questions. 

Five of the six new courses focus on key instructional shifts in Common Core, and one additional course looks at implicit aspects of the standards identified by expert contributors. The six courses introduce a research-based analysis of the CCSS and also showcase a full-length lesson, along with a reflection portion by experts.


Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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