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Book Review: Safe Within These Walls

Title: Safe Within These Walls: De-Escalating School Situations Before They Become Crises, by Andra Medea. Capstone Classroom, 2013.


Description:  After several school-based tragedies, national concern over school safety is at an all-time high. This book highlights what teachers and parents should know when dealing with mental health issues, typical tantrums and other issues in young people’s development. Safe Within These Walls offers professional development on violence prevention, while helping caregivers and teachers deal with students’ aggressive behaviors early and appropriately.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to deal with sensitive classroom situations, such as ones involving students with behavioral and developmental issues, and ones that risk becoming heated and/or violent, this book is the perfect resource. Safe Within These Walls provides common-sense and expert techniques to encourage positive student behavior and prevent outbursts and other disruptions. This title goes beyond de-escalating violence to address the core of good classroom management.

About the Author:  Medea teaches conflict management and has published several books on the topic. She invented the Virtual Tranquilizer method, which is the foundation of Safe Within These Walls.

How to Purchase:  The paperback edition of this book retails for $24.95 on Capstone’s Web site.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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