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Book Review: Unhomework

Title:  Unhomework: How to Get the Most Out of Homework, Without Really Setting It, by Mark Creasy. Crown House Publishing, 2014. 

Description:  Do your students feel smothered by homework? Are your hands aching from grading papers? Maybe it’s time to give out some “unhomework.” 

In Unhomework, Mark Creasy argues that certain homework staples are ineffective. If worksheets are your style, prepare to be threatened. 

Creasy heavily emphasizes at-home, project-based learning as a substitute for traditional homework assignments. He also encourages independent student learning, which reduces stress and develops self-motivational skills that kids will use in the real world. unhomeworkHis philosophy promotes students’ inquisitive nature while equipping them to use critical thinking skills. In turn, the process produces independent thinkers who—at a younger age than is now typical—take responsibility for their own success. 

Letting students pick projects and timeframes taps into their emotional settings and increases engagement. “Unhomework” assignments also can boost self-esteem and enhance young people’s ability to effectively communicate during class discussion. 

Bottom Line:  Students can gain a variety of skills when educators implement the strategies outlined in Unhomework. Instead of merely following rules to avoid upsetting adults, kids will understand and appreciate the benefits of at-home work. 

About the Author:  Father, independent school teacher and assignment innovator, Mark Creasy teaches in Buckinghamshire, England, when he’s not writing. His insights on homework are well respected within the K-12 education community. 

How to Purchase:  This title is available from Crown House Publishing or and retails for about $15-$22.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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