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Book Review: Co-Teach!

Title: Co-Teach! A Handbook for Creating and Sustaining Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools (second edition), by Marilyn Friend, Ph.D. The Forum on Education at Indiana University, 2014.

Description:  This eBook thoroughly covers the topic of partner teaching. Read about co-teaching special-needs students and English language learners, as well as implementing Common Core State Standards, among other areas. The book is also jam-packed with worksheets, activities, Web sites and loads of embedded videos to help educators. 

co-teaching best practicesChapters one and two cover the rationale for, and mindset of, co-teaching. Chapter three goes over maintaining a professional relationship as co-teachers, and chapters 4 and 5 outline teaching approaches and the increased intensity of co-teaching. Chapters six through eight offer answers for those facing co-teaching challenges. 

Bottom Line:  A sense of accountability drives Friend’s suggestions for co-teaching. The professional "marriage" becomes sacred, with commitment to the process considered as important as the co-teaching itself. Friend does a great job discussing the many variances in co-teaching, including using different rooms, switching leadership roles and others. The author also covers classroom management and pacing.

Friend’s expertise and guidelines make it easy for you and your partner teacher to work together successfully, and the two-teacher model ultimately will mean enhanced potential for student learning.

About the Author:  As a K-12 general and special education teacher and administrator, as well as professor and staff developer, Marilyn Friend, Ph.D., knows the field. Currently professor emerita of education in the Department of Special Education Services at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she also acted as the president of the Council for Exceptional Children. In addition to teaching and writing textbooks, Friend presents around the world on education topics. 

To Purchase:  Vist The Forum on Education Web site to get an electronic copy of Co-Teach! A Handbook for Creating and Sustaining Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools for your eReader, tablet and/or computer (cost $39.95).


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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