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Parent Conference Sheet 2

The questions below highlight some of the most common areas of parental concern. Make a note of the questions you want to ask and then write any additional questions you have on the back of the page.


1. How is my child doing in your class? What are my child's grades in each subject area?


2. Is my child in any special classes, groups, or programs? Why?


3. How does my child's work compare to the work of other students?


4. Is my child working up to his or her ability?


5. What goals have you set for my child this year? Do you anticipate that my child will meet those goals? Why or why not?


6. What programs are available if my child needs extra help?


7. Has my child missed any classes or failed to complete any assignments?


8. Does my child participate in class discussions and activities?


9. How well does my child get along with others? Have any incidents at school involved my child?


10. What concerns do you have about my child's behavior or academic progress?


11. What can I do to help?


12. How can I get in touch with you?


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